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Horizontal directional drilling by its very nature is low impact on the environment due to its small surface footprint, reducing disruption to parks, roads, pathways, waterways and other public areas. Our risk management process and environmental management plan contain policies and procedures to undertake construction in a way that further reduces the impact on the community and environment while meeting all current legislation.

To ensure improvements can be made to reduce the impact by Pipeline Drillers and its partners, frequent assessments of the following work areas and practices are conducted.


  • Access to site

  • Noise

  • Air Pollution 

  • Flora and Fauna

  • Waste Management 

  • Storage and handling of Hazardous Substances 

  • Soil Disturbance/Sediment Control; and

  • Cultural Heritage.


Pipeline Drillers has a reputation for conducting business with integrity, ensuring a sustainable future for the environment and community. Our comprehensive fleet consists of Vaccum Units to manage spills and manage mud returns, as well as Recycling Units, in addition to other custom equipment for efficient transportation between sites.