Yamba Ocean Outfall

"With many construction projects ongoing in the area, Pipeline Drillers worked with stakeholders and existing contractors to complete HDD works in accordance with the client's expectations and schedule." - Project Director, John Whitbread

Pipeline Drillers has completed a number of projects in the areas around the Brisbane River. Capitalising on this experience, Pipeline Drillers was able to assist in the design of this critical pipeline construction. In addtion, drilling in the area presented new oppertunites to engage local constractors and Pipeline Drillers is proud to have sucessfully completed project works with there help.

As always, Safety was a primary focus for this project. Collaboration with the client and constractors was key to the project receiving recognistion as a completely incident free site. This achievement was made possilbe in no small part by the efforts of all Site Personnel and the guidence of the onsite Safety Managers, quoted as saying "this project was given the time to ensure safe operational procedures were implemented correctly"


Pipeline Drillers' environmental performance at Stage 2 was outstanding. The clients' initative to complete daily environmental reports in addtion to general daily reporting was welcomed by Pipeline Drillers. This tool became cruical to the environmental success of the project, giving Site Personnel and Management the opertunity to review the potential impacts of HDD operations on the environment and take imidiate steps to mitigate potential incidents. 




Ledonne Constructions


Yamba, NSW


June 2015 - Current
Ocean Outfall





450mm HDPE




Sand/Marine Mud
Bog Mat Track to Pads
Bog Mat Track to Pads
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Site Pad Bore 4-5-6
Site Pad Bore 4-5-6
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Drilling Team
Drilling Team
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