Pipeline Drillers' game changer

HK SDD250t drilling for Unitywater's Caloundra Sewerage PIpeline Project

June 21, 2017



Earlier this year, Pipeline Drillers made a significant $1.4 million investment in the business to acquire the new generation Herrenknecht HDD250t. 

Referred to as Slant Directional Drilling (SDD) by Herrenknecht, this is a game changer for Pipeline Drillers who will now look to offer an alternative method of surface to inseam (SIS) drilling for oil and gas clients. 

Direct from Herrenknecht headquarters in Germany it is the first to land on Australian shores, and has the capability to deflect into the horizontal and follow the respective soil layers with an entry angle range of 10 to 46 degrees. 

Pipeline Drillers’ Director John Whitbread says its predecessor has been integral to the business, performing on landmark maxi rig projects namely Yamba Ocean Outfall and APA VNIE, and expects the slant directional drill to deliver even greater productivity and efficiency.

“Acquiring the latest Herrenknecht HDD250 is a major move, by utilising this new method based on the symbiosis of vertical and horizontal directional drilling we will have the ability to deliver on more diverse and aggressive programs, opening up more opportunities across various sectors.

“There are a number of additional features that will strengthen our capability to efficiently deliver HDD in urban environments, including an in-built power pack, tracks allowing it to work on compact sites, and the ability to ream up to 62 inches,” Mr Whitbread said.


This new generation HK HDD250's hard hitting credentials include 700 horsepower, thrust of up to 250 tonnes and the ability to produce up to 27 tonnes of torque. 

As the 10th drill rig to join the fleet of trenchless technology, Pipeline Drillers once again demonstrates its commitment to drilling with innovation. 

For more information on Pipeline Drillers services including the fleet of midi and maxi rigs ready to be mobilised nationwide, click here. Or here to take a look at the HDD250 on the Caloundra Sewerage Pipeline Project.

Herrenknecht job site installation for SDD. 

In built power pack and tracks ideal for compact sites.