Grundoram rapid pipe installation ensures Burnett River project success

Grundoram pneumatic ramming tool in action installing 1,024 mm enveloper

November 16, 2016


For the first time Pipeline Drillers has partnered with Brady Marine & Civil to successfully install two new 1,024 millimetre enveloper pipes and 800 millimetre HDPE pipe, for the Burnett River Discharge Pipeline project in Bundaberg.


Initial survey works determined an accurate installation projection allowing our CMS 180 horizontal directional drill to be aligned. Enveloper sections were then lowered into position in the entry pit and placed on rollers before being welded together.  


Using the Grundoram pneumatic ramming tool, the two steel envelopers were rapidly driven into the ground, both 56 meters in length, completing the stage in just six days or a quarter of the projected time.


During the final stages, engaged rock material was discovered on the Burnett River bed. This was removed with a 26-inch forward rock reaming tool, prior to installation of the HDPE. At this point, a team of divers were required to assist, however, with extremely low visibility of just 10 inches, this, unfortunately, resulted in delays.

Despite these challenges, pipes were installed on time, within allowable tolerance at less than 250 millimetres of design, and without disturbance to the local habitat. Application of innovative drilling methods ensured safe and efficient delivery of new infrastructure for Bundaberg Regional Council and the community, who will benefit from improved river health.

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