Snake handling course demonstrates commitment to wildlife conservation

Pipeline Drillers HSEQ Advisor, Nathan Owen, pictured here with a king brown snake.
January 31, 2017

Pipeline Drillers demonstrates it has more skin in the game when it comes to protecting the flora and fauna on site, as full-time team member Nathan Owen, travelled to Closeburn on Friday to complete a Venomous Snake Handling Course.


The course, facilitated by Geckoes Wildlife, imparted catching methods to avoid harm to both the snake and human, risks associated with handling snakes and appropriate tools and protective clothing.


Part of the training involved testing the trainees’ nerves with the task of capturing a python, king brown and brown snakes.


Pipeline Drillers HSEQ Advisor Nathan Owen, said the course on handling the world’s most venomous snakes was extremely beneficial to his role.


“I am now confident I have a sound understanding and the ability to safely handle Australian snakes on any site,” said Nathan.


“We will be obtaining the appropriate snake catching tools and utilising these catching methods on our 2017 Unitywater project located near the Sunshine Coast’s Mooloolah River National Park,” he said.


This particular course reflects the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection policies, guidelines and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form with reference to The Nature Conservation Regulations.


Managing Director John Whitbread said that as the business mobilises Australia wide, our crews often work on sites which neighbour or are within forests or national parks, hence it is paramount we have the commitment and capability to minimise disturbance to this environment.  


“Nathan's commitment to attending and successfully completing this course to ensure the safety of the Pipeline Drillers team onsite and preservation of wildlife is highly commendable,” said John.


Pipeline Drillers is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, find out more about our HSEQ here .