Trenchless Technology Services

Boasting a rig fleet unmatched in Australia, Pipeline Drillers lead the way in horizontal directional drilling. Collaborating with leaders in trenchless, while maintaining and deploying cutting-edge technology to execute hundreds of underground infrastructure projects Australia wide.


Speak with the team about how trenchless technology can be successfully applied to your next project design.

Directional Drilling with midi rigs

Product pipe installations under existing services, roadways and urban centres. If you are looking for an installation method that is both lower impact and efficient, Midi Rigs with their small footprint and compact support equipment offer the ideal solution.

Pipe Ramming with pneumatics

Grundoram Goliath Pneumatic Ramming Tool is capable of installing steel product pipes in extremely challenging ground conditions without the significant disturbance of trenching. With many alternative uses including casing and supporting structure installation.

Directional Drilling with maxi rigs

These giants of the directional drilling industry pull steel and HDPE product pipe in diameters of up to 1600mm. In favourable drilling conditions, depths of cover anywhere between 5 and 105 meters can be achieved. 

HDPE Fusion Welding

Qualified and experienced staff, utilising well maintained reliable equipment, ensures Pipeline Drillers are able to provide welding services across Australia. When planning your directional drilling project, consider fusion welding as an additional service.