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Australian Bay Lobster Producers


Kingscliff, NSW


Stage 1: 200m, 275m, 400m, 560m, 680m & 1130m of 560mm HDPE

Stage 2: 1080m x 500mm HDPE Outfall

1090m x 500mm HDPE Outfall

260m x 560mm HDPE

560m x 560mm HDPE

380m x 560mm HDPE

320m x 560mm HDPE


Marine Muds / Clays


Nov 21 - Nov 22


Ocean, Roads and Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Pipeline Drillers were enlisted to assist with the installation of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Seawater Supply Pipeline for ongoing operations and future development of the Moreton Bay Bug production at the Australian Bay Lobster Producers.

Stage 1 consisted of 5.5km of pipelines installed winding from Kingscliff foreshore to the Australian Bay Lobster plant.

Stage 2 saw the successful completion of 3 x onshore HDPE installations and 2 x 1100m ocean outfalls. Pipeline Drillers enlisted the assistance of a marine contractor to support the pullback operations. Several risk workshops were conducted with the numerous stakeholders to ensure the simultaneous operations would run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. 

Due to its location, several community information sessions, letterbox drops and discussions were conducted in the years and months leading up to the installation to ensure the community were well informed of the timing and expected conditions during the construction phase. Pipeline Drillers played a considerable role is alleviating some of the community concerns around noise but adopting a considerable sound mitigating system consisting of shipping containers and sound curtains.

Pipeline Drillers faced very challenging conditions tying land-based and offshore HDD installations, however, the skills and expertise demonstrated by the Pipeline Drillers team saw all associated challenges dealt with in a professional and timely manner resulting in a successful outcome for all involved.   

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