What We Do

As Australia’s leading Horizontal Directional Drilling specialist, we have successfully completed more than 300 pipeline and cable installations for providers of essential services, connecting communities with new and improved services.


Since 2000, Pipeline Drillers has been delivering low impact, economic, safe and sustainable trenchless installations of HDPE and steel pipe throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.


Horizontal Directional Drilling is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed path by using a surface launched drilling rig, with limited impact on the surrounding area.


Our team of trenchless specialists work in partnership with our clients to engineer, design and construct tailored solutions incorporating the latest cutting-edge technology and expertise in Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe Ramming and Fusion Welding. 

Watch the installation of 630mm HDPE on the Sunshine Coast.

Trenchless is growing rapidly as clients in growing urban areas recognise the benefits of: 




Trenchless Technology Services

Boasting a rig fleet unmatched in Australia, Pipeline Drillers lead the way in horizontal directional drilling. Collaborating with leaders in trenchless, while maintaining and deploying cutting-edge technology to execute hundreds of underground infrastructure projects Australia wide.


Speak with the team about how trenchless technology can be successfully applied to your next project design.

Directional Drilling with midi rigs

Product pipe installations under existing services, roadways and urban centres. If you are looking for an installation method that is both lower impact and efficient, Midi Rigs with their small footprint and compact support equipment offer the ideal solution.

Pipe Ramming with pneumatics

Grundoram Goliath Pneumatic Ramming Tool is capable of installing steel product pipes in extremely challenging ground conditions without the significant disturbance of trenching. The Pneumatic Ramming alternative uses including casing and supporting structure installation.

Directional Drilling with maxi rigs

These giants of the directional drilling industry pull steel and HDPE product pipe in diameters of up to 1600mm. In favourable drilling conditions, depths of cover anywhere between 5 and 105 meters can be achieved. 

HDPE Fusion Welding

Qualified and experienced staff, utilising well maintained reliable equipment, ensures Pipeline Drillers are able to provide welding services across Australia. When planning your directional drilling project, consider fusion welding as an additional service.

Trenchless Technology Sectors

Oil & Gas

Pipeline Drillers has completed numerous HDD installations in varying ground conditions to cross under services, transportation and watercourses Australia wide, for the likes of NACAP Australia, Caltex Limited and APA Group.

Companies operating within the oil and gas industry adhere to stringent regulations and conditions, and thanks to extensive experience and an established Integrated Management System, Pipeline Drillers has the capability to successfully provide HDD services to the oil and gas sector.

Water & Waste Water

Water utilities upgrading their infrastructure and developing alternative water sources to service growing communities are increasingly looking for efficient and sustainable methods of pipeline installation.


Trenchless technology provides an ideal solution not only as it protects the community and environment from the impacts of traditional methods but is also cost-effective and efficient. Pipeline Drillers as principal and specialist contractor has completed crossings under watercourses, roadways and other services for the likes of QUU, Unitywater, Gold Coast Water and Brisbane City Council.

Power & Communications

Thanks to its team of HDD specialists, Pipeline Drillers has assisted Perigon, Visionstream, Daly's Construction, and others including their clients, with extremely fast and efficient installation of high-density polyethylene cable of varying size, under roadways, services and watercourses as part of larger infrastructure upgrades.


"PDG overcame difficult ground conditions by using their knowledge and experience to adjust methodologies and tooling that contributed to the eventual success of the project."

"Nacap congratulates PDG for their commitment to safety and compliance. Pipeline Drillers are able to deploy multiple experienced, self-sufficient, well supported crew and drill spreads."

— James Povey, NACAP


"The two special Hammer Drills on Fortescue River Gas Pipeline presented many challenges with changing ground conditions, wet weather, and extended driving conditions. PDG’s co-operative and professional attitude, commitment to safety and schedule, together with the ability to implement alternative drilling methods, were key factors in the successful completion of both projects."

— Ian Kembell, Monadelphous
Wheatstone Ashburton West Pipeline & Fortescue River Gas Pipeline

— Allan Spinks, Unitywater
Weyba Creek Sewer Rising Main